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One piece of software.
Endless possibilities.

Nothing will stand in the way of your direct business. Every feature of Guezzt is designed to help you develop marketing strategies that will increase direct bookings.


Make sense of your PMS data.


Communicate with customers in a personalised fashion


Free yourself from intermediaries

Discover the technological power of Guezzt.

From data cleaning to GDPR with direct marketing along the way – everything you need to grow your direct business to the max.

From disorder to simplicity

The data warehouse provides you with clean, complete information which is always up to date with new data from existing customers and new customers.

Say bye to duplicate profiles

Your customers' profiles are compared, combined and cleaned to retain only the really important information, down to the smallest details.

Welcome to the CGP

Each of your customers has a single Certified Guest Profile, complete with all personal data, production and on-the-book info, which is useful for Direct Marketing.

Are all customers the same?

Determine the value of your customers with the RFM index based on their purchasing behaviour, and act accordingly, concentrating your marketing actions where they are most beneficial.

You've got mail

A powerful and complete email marketing platform: campaigns for objectives, templates, segmentation and lists, analysis of results.

All in good time

With transactional messages, send your customers the right message at the right time, before, during and after their stay, including birthday greetings, automatically.

How well can you read me?

With tracking analysis, find out if your emails have generated bookings, monitor customer interaction with your communications and optimise subsequent campaigns.

Like Google and Facebook

Guezzt uses technologies and software developed by Google and Facebook engineers to manage large amounts of data and offer faster processing times.


Complies with the legislation and ensures your guests have the highest levels of data protection.

Experiencing is believing.

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