What is Guezzt?


Guezzt is the new cloud service for data warehousing and direct marketing automation, integrated with protel PMS to make the most of all your customers' data and turn it into valuable information, so you can communicate with them in a personal manner.

From data cleaning to direct business

Guezzt identifies duplicate customer profiles and combines them, creating a clean, complete data warehouse which is always up to date with new data entered in protel. Within the system, each of your customers will have a single Certified Guest Profile complete with all the information made available so you can create tailored marketing campaigns.

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How Guezzt was born

The idea came from our customers' need to overcome the "data fragmentation" they experience in management software. All these systems generate data: from reservations to personal data, from requests to various contact methods, and so on. Often, however, each piece of data stays isolated within data silos that do not talk to each other, and therefore prevent you from getting a holistic view of the customer. Starting from the first connection with the PMS, Guezzt cleans, aggregates and makes sense of the data in a continuous and automatic manner, transforming the data into information that can be used to communicate with customers in a targeted way.
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